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    Mill market continues to rebound, Clirik set foot on a new journey

    Author: burney       Date: 2013-03-09 08:31

    Mining machinery development in recent years, the pattern of economic growth is always slow, but the manufacturing and machinery in the economic backbone of a country, the role of which cannot be ignored! In the year 2012, with the continuous development of China's productivity and improve the state of mining machinery constantly, mining machinery has ushered in a good start!

    Close down backward production facilities for mining machinery to provide a good start

    Eliminate backward production capacity is a strong policy at the beginning of New Year, the backward production capacity to expand the scope, compared with the 11th five-year plan period, the government's measures is also very powerful. Close down backward production facilities for the development of the mine machinery has opened up a wider path, backward, mining machinery will toward automation development!

    Pillar mining machinery of the talent innovation

    Premier wen stressed survey in hunan machinery industry, must attract high-tech talent into the machinery industry. The mining machinery would certainly receive it. After mining machinery into the high-tech talent, machinery products, of course, will develop rapidly.

    Shanghai Clirik is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of flour mill equipment, Clirik grindind mill sell well both at home and abroad; Various policy to force, and the support from all parties, all for the development of clirik provides powerful stepping stone; We believe in 2012 grinding mill market will continue to rebound, clirik will achieve even greater success!

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