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    The application instance of Grinding Mill

    Author: admin       Date: 2013-04-16 11:16
    Powder Grinding Mill  has played a key role in the ore milling, below detail explain the powder grinder machine application examples in different industries.
    powder Grinding Mill  application examples in the smelting, plastic, pvc industry:, can be used in the smelting industry, plastics industry, as well as pvc industry, is used in the smelting industry mill processing smelting additives, such as desulfurization limestone, in the part of the requirements for powder grinder machine is the the processing fineness, large output. Plastic, pvc industry, powder grinder machine is mainly used to process ore micronized these ore powders can be used as additives industry, such as plastic, pvc, slag plastic pvc has a tensile strength of God, corrosion resistance other characteristics in the application of the industry mill is representative.
    Grinding Mill  application example in the construction industry: powder grinder machine mainly in the construction industry is to be applied to a variety of paint, putty powder, Flying powder slag grinding type of mineral powder fineness general requirements are not too high, the ordinary to meet the requirements of powder grinder machine, SHANGHAI CLIRIK powder grinder machine can use an ultrafine high quality architectural coatings for processing. It can be said that the role played by the mill in the construction industry is relatively huge mill processing ore powders are not the same quality, use in the construction industry.
    Clirik Grinding Mill in the chemical industry: many customers to inquire powder grinder machine applications in the chemical industry, such as the processing of phosphoric acid partial diamine, zinc phosphate, zinc sulfate, etc., this type of chemical raw materials tend to be expensive for the selection of the milling machine are also more careful, but in this industry, the powder grinder machine is an apparatus indispensable fineness of processing, it is different according to the different chemical products requirements.
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