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    Did Your Vertical Milling Machine Meet The Requirements?

    Author: admin       Date: 2017-03-16 10:43
    In the 1980s, with the development of China's cement industry, environmental protection and energy saving have a higher demand, also developed a vertical milling machine technology.The vertical milling machine to hydraulic pressure, drum-shaped roller, roller can be used for surface and can be pulled out of the machine for the maintenance of the characteristics of the Great Wall of mechanical technology, equipment and electrical automation and other professionals full technical services for backing,with the product model specifications for the advantages of series, in our cement industry raw material system is widely used.It not only for the user to obtain a good economic benefits, but also on the vertical grinding technology in China's application has played a good role in promoting.

    As the vertical grinding outlet dust concentration of up to 500g / cubic meters, in order to ensure that the concentration of exhaust emissions of dust to meet national standards, vertical milling machine generally uses two dust collection technologies.In the long-term use of the process.In the long-term use of the process, the two dust collection system increasingly exposed defects. First, the process layout is complex, take up more area and space; second, the first level of dust removal equipment, serious wear and tear, if the equipment maintenance can not keep up, will make the system serious air leakage,third, the system main fan impeller wear life of not more than one year, after the impeller produced a dynamic imbalance, not only to increase the noise, but also to control the system's process parameters is difficult to achieve the best, directly affect the system efficient and stable run.
    Efficient dust collection technology development, so that dust collection equipment, dust collection efficiency and cleaning efficiency has been greatly improved, which has created favorable conditions for vertical milling machine's dust collection development technology.Vertical milling machine have a cycle of external dust collection technology,not only canceled the first level of dust collection equipment, simplifying the process, So that the service life of the fan for more than two years, and the vertical milling machine slag through the lifting equipment recycling, he system to further reduce energy consumption, the operator's labor intensity dropped significantly, and truly achieve the purpose of energy saving.At present, the out-of-band recycling process has become the preferred mainstream technology of China's vertical milling machine application.Clirik vertical mill machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. did very carefully on the vertical mill research, the life of the mill greatly extended after improvement.Welcome you to buy!
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