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    Machines for to make cocoanut shell powder

    Author: Cherry Zhao       Date: 2012-12-07 11:46

    Coconut shell powder is good medicines. It can be used in medicine by various ways. The raw coconut shells are large, and if you want to use it as a medicine, we usually use coconut shell grinding mills and crushing machines to process it. Coconut shell grinding machine can grind large pieces of coconut shell coconut to shell powder.
    Coconut Shell Powder Making Machine
    We can offer for coconut shell powder plant, coconut shells free from contamination of coir pith, etc. are broken into small pieces and fed into a coconut shell mill. The powder from the coconut shell grinding machine is fed into a cyclone and the parallel product is collected in bag filters. The shell powder is then fed into a vibrating sieving machine and packed according to mesh size requirements for various end uses.
    The rejects from the sieving machine can be recycled in the coconut shell grinding mill for size reduction. The main requirements for consistent good quality of coconut shell powder are proper selection of shell of proper stage of maturity and efficient machinery.
    Coconut Shell Powder Grinding mill Manufacturer
    We offered Coconut shell powder making machines for 500kg per hour, 1000kg per hour, and 8000 kg per hour also. If you want more details please feel free contact us.
    As soon as possible if you want to learn more, Please click here, we will provide you with the most attentive service, and provide you with the best solutions for your project calls for at least the capital, to bring you more benefits.
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