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    High performance grinding mill

    Author: Cherry Zhao       Date: 2013-07-12 11:24
    Features of the Clirik grinding mills:
    The grinding mill of HGM is of longer life time than Raymond mill with high efficiency of wear material;
    This grinding mill can be used as pre-grind equipment before ball mill which can increase the ball mill efficiency by 50%;
    After grinded by the mill grinders, the end products can be used to make firebrick, concrete brick, block and other new building materials;
    CLIRIK HGM grinding mill is a highly efficient desulfurization equipment of power plant. The mill grinders can grind CaCO3 into fine powder less than 1-2mm, the desulfurization effect is better;
    The grinding mill is mainly used for pre-processing of various crushable non-inflammable & non-explosive brittle materials with Mohs Hardness less than nine.
    Clirik efficient milling machine, the same as micro powder mill, ultrafine mill, ultrafine grinding mill, has high performance and is popular in many countries and has very long history. Micro powder grinding mill is special for ultra fine powder grinding and coarse powder grinding mill is special for coarse powder grinding. You can choose suitable mill depends on your graphite size, hardness, capacity and your cost budget. Grinding materials of our HGM Micro Powder Grinding mill include various stones and rocks, such as: Kaolin, limestone, calcite, marbles, barites, gypsums, pyrophyllites, dolomites, calcium carbonates, pigments, clays, coals, carbon black, activated carbons, feldspar, talc, mica, carbon black, petroleum coke, alumina, chromic oxide, quartz, cements, up to more than 100 materials.
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