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    Advantages of hammer mill

    Author: admin       Date: 2019-12-05 09:27
    In construction engineering, I believe that many people know the hammer mill. It is mainly used to hammer mill some materials, such as limestone, coal and other materials. The hammer mill is roughly divided into three types: heavy hammer mill, hammer mill and impact crusher. Today Xiaobian will tell you about the working principle and advantages of hammer mill.
    Hammer mill working principle
    It mainly depends on the impact energy to complete the crushing operation. When the hammer mill works, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed, and the material enters the crusher cavity uniformly. The high-speed rotating hammer head impacts, shears and tears the material, which causes the material to be broken. At the same time, the gravity of the material makes the material The high-speed rotating hammer head rushes to the baffle and sieve bar in the frame. Materials larger than the size of the sieve are retained on the sieve plate and continue to be hit and ground by the hammer until they are crushed to the required output size and finally discharged out of the machine through the sieve plate.
    hammer mill
    Hammer mill advantages
    1: The crushing ratio is large, generally 10-25, and the highest is 50.
    2: high production capacity;
    3: The product is uniform;
    4: Less excessive phenomenon;
    5: Low energy consumption per unit product;
    6: simple structure;
    7: Lightweight equipment;
    8: Easy operation and maintenance.
    What brand of hammer mill is easy to use? While pursuing a brand, we still have to consider quality and demand. Needless to say, quality is the cost-effectiveness of the equipment, and demand is personal. When you buy a hammer mill, you must know your needs clearly. In order to choose the one that suits you, Xiaobian recommends a brand to you --- Clirik, why does Xiaobian recommend this brand to everyone? Because Clirik is better in terms of quality, price, performance and service, so what brand of hammer mill is good to use? I recommend Clirik.
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