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    New China is about to celebrate its 70th anniversary

    Author: admin       Date: 2019-09-26 16:29
    When the first flag-raising ceremony in 1949 was solemnly held in Tiananmen Square, the bright five-star red flag—the flag that represents victory—rised in the vast sky, fluttering in the vast sky, carrying the morning sun, one standing The ancient kingdom of the East is rising rapidly. Now, in less than a week, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Shanghai Clirik Machine Co., Ltd. is here to wish the birth of the New China 70th.
    As a Chinese people, we must study hard, we must serve the motherland, we must unite; as a patriotic student, we must not forget the lessons of history, but also bear in mind the bloody years that the revolutionary ancestors paid for us! Live up to the expectations of the motherland!
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    Many people say: "Although Chinese passports can't take you anywhere in the world, Chinese passports can let you go home anywhere." We are grateful to stand behind us to support us and protect our great motherland. This year is yours. 70th Anniversary Birthday! Shanghai Clirik Machine Co., Ltd. wishes my beloved motherland prosperity, Guotai Min'an! Better and better!
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