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    Precautions before using Stone Grinding Mill

    Author: admin       Date: 2016-07-11 09:54
    Stone Grinding Mill is increasingly being used in mines and other industries, customers increasingly concern about the maintenance of equipment problems, now let me introduce the Precautions before using Stone Grinding Mill.

    First, check it before starting Stone Grinding Mill. You should check your Stone Grinding Mill from all aspects of electrical, pneumatic cylinders, feed port , blast pipes, etc. When you are sure that the entire machine is unimpeded, and then turn on the switch of Stone Grinding Mill, begin feeding and grinding.

    Second, clean up your Stone Grinding Mill everyday. After use it every day, you should clean the surface, corner of Stone Grinding Mill. Some places can be difficult to clean up, you can use brush brushing. It will make you keep a good habit, and extend the service life of Stone Grinding Mill.

    Stone Grinding Mill

    Third, add the lubricating oil in a timely manner. When you use it for more than two hours, you should add the lubricating oil into Stone Grinding Mill. Drop down dedicated lubricating oil into your Stone Grinding Mill from dedicated valve and continuous mouth, which can effectively maintain the stable operation of the machine. At the same time it well protects some parts of Stone Grinding Mill from being damaged and deformed.

    Fourth, to use Stone Grinding Mill more healthily and muchly, there is a good way of handling the feeding function well. Screen the material before feeding, select the particles with same size into Stone Grinding Mill, which can frictional resistance, as well as wear and tear.

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