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    What kind of grinding mill is used to process kaolin?

    Author: admin       Date: 2019-10-31 11:14
    What kind of grinding mill is used to process kaolin? Kaolin is a very important and viscous mineral in nature. It is an extremely important industrial resource. Kaolin powder can be used in refractory materials, paints, white cement materials, plastics, paints, cosmetics and other fields. Different fields require different fineness of grinding, and then Clirik recommends the kaolin superfine mill.
    Kaolin superfine grinding mill machine is developed by introducing the mature grinding machine production technology and the properties of kaolin at home and abroad. Whether it is quality, performance or price, it has the advantage that other manufacturers can't surpass.
    kaolin superfine grinding mill
    Advantages of kaolin superfine grinding mill:
    (1) The equipment can not only grind kaolin, but also coarsely crush the material, which can form an independent kaolin grinding production line. The milling process is greatly simplified, and the processed kaolin material has good quality and good sales.
    (2) The electrical system is equipped with a mature centralized control system, which can realize the unmanned grinding operation of kaolin. The automation degree is relatively high, the operation process is very stable, the failure rate is relatively low, and the milling efficiency is a common mill. 4 times more.
    (3) The energy and electricity consumption in the grinding process of the equipment is relatively low, and the energy-saving effect is relatively remarkable. It can save nearly 300,000 yuan for the processing plant every year, and the capital investment is very small, and the income is high.
    (4) The equipment is equipped with a mature explosion-proof device to avoid the occurrence of accidents such as dust explosion, improve the safety of the kaolin powder grinding process, and the safety performance is very high.
    (5) The equipment has no noise and exhaust gas during the grinding process, and it has little environmental pollution, which creates a beautiful production environment for the processing plant.
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