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    Helping the blue sky to defend——ultra-fine grinding mill

    Author: admin       Date: 2019-07-25 16:53
    In recent years, the state has introduced a series of environmental protection policies, and market competition is getting bigger and bigger, and recruitment is now more and more difficult. Therefore, how to replace the manual production in the powder industry, so that the product meets the customer's requirements for environmental protection has become a huge challenge for each company. Clirik always paying attention to the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation, our company's ultra-fine grinding mill can fully meet this challenge.
    ultra-fine grinding mill
    The ultra-fine grinding machine is the latest product developed by our company's scientific research staff through day and night work. It has a very big change compared with the traditional ultra-fine grinding machine, and its energy consumption is reduced by 30%. The output has nearly doubled. More and more customers know about our ultra-fine grinding mills, and our customers have a high rating for our ultra-fine grinding mills. We will always adhere to the concept of environmental protection and innovation, and continue to improve and provide customers with better products.
    In the past two years, the national environmental protection policy has been continuously strengthened, and many companies' businesses have been affected to a certain extent. As we all know, Clirik is a manufacturing enterprise. There is no environmental pollution process in the production process. The production processes of the company's paint and pickling are outsourced to professional qualified suppliers. Therefore, in general, the implementation of environmental protection policy is very beneficial to Clirik.

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