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    What should I pay attention to during the operation of the Raymond Roller mill?

    Author: admin       Date: 2019-07-16 15:36

    Raymond roller mill is one of the more common equipments for mining equipment. It is mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, ore, etc. Raymond roller mill is mainly responsible for the grinding of materials. Since the machine is widely used and is an indispensable equipment in the mining field, what should we pay attention to when operating the Raymond roller mill?

    First of all, we must understand that the Raymond roller mill is a roller that is tightly pressed against the grinding ring under the action of centrifugal force. The material is sent by the blade to the middle of the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The material is broken into powder under the action of the rolling pressure. Then, under the action of the fan, the powdered material is blown up through the analysis machine, and the material that meets the fineness requirement passes through the analysis machine, can not reach the required heavy return grinding chamber and continues to be ground, and is separated by the material of the analysis machine into the cyclone separator. collect.

    Raymond roller mill

    Raymond roller mill precautions

    1. Check whether the bolts in the machine are loose or not, and whether there is any accumulation of dead air ducts.

    2. Rotate the grinding roller for two turns, with or without mechanical card issuance.

    3. Check whether there is any leak point in the cyclone cyclone separator or the bag filter, and whether there is accumulation in the cyclone.

    4. Understand the storage situation of the pre-grinding silo and the finished silo.

    5. Check the lubrication of the mechanical equipment in place, check whether the valves are in the normal position, and whether the power supply is unblocked.

    6. Check whether the various instruments and meters are normal.

    7. To ensure normal working load, it should be noted that it is not possible to work under the large load that the machine can withstand, and the machine should be used as far as it can.

    8. to ensure the reasonable lubrication of the machine, the rational choice of lubricants, according to the type of machinery and application structure to choose the normal lubricant category.

    9.timely maintenance, in the use of the process should strengthen the regular and irregular inspection of the grinding machine such as Raymond mill, timely understand the operation of the machine, the temporary failures should be dealt with in a timely manner.

    Raymond roller mill

    In fact, some minor problems encountered by Raymond mill in the ordinary production process can prevent problems before they happen. As long as they are properly and reasonably carried out regularly and irregularly, keep the machinery clean, clean and regularly inspected. The technical state of the machine is found to be abnormally processed in time, the parts are loosened and adjusted in time for loose and misaligned parts, and some consumable parts are replaced in a preventive manner. In fact, many small problems can be avoided.

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