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    How to protect stone grinding mill in winter

    Author: admin       Date: 2013-03-26 16:55

    How to protect stone grinding mill in winter
    Stone grinding mill is professionally processing mineral material, and making the dump material grinding powder.

    There is a question disturbing most of the stone grinding mill users. Because the low temperature in winter, it’s hard to operate stone grinding mill. At the same time, it increase the parts depreciation and oil consumption. It’s necessary to take related measure to protect stone grinding mill. For example, making a overall checking. The matters should be paid attention as followings:
    1. The cleanness of stone grinding mill
    During stone grinding mill cleaning, you will found the parts damaged the leakage place. It is forbidden to use high pressure high temperature nozzle to rinse water to clean some special parts, especially  for electrical parts so as to avoid damage.

    2. Choosing fuel oil
    In low temperature, fuel oil is easy to precipitate and increase the viscosity, and its liquidity becomes worse, which reduce the motivation of fuel oil. In order to make fuel oil working soft and reducing consumption. You’d better choose :-10#, -20#, -30#.

    3. Changing the fuel oil
    It’s better to choose fuel oil with high efficiency. This kind of fuel oil is not easy oxide in high temperature, or left any sediments in precision part, which last the life cycle. When changing fuel oil, you’d better change or clean oil filter.

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