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    Which is the most important part in stone grinding mill?

    Author: admin       Date: 2013-03-30 13:04
    Stone grinding mill is becoming more and more popular in China, but not all the people knew that which part is most important. Once destroyed, the whole machine would not work, with the making powder industry greatly developing, the technology of making powder is improving step and step, the stone grinding mill is more and more important.

    The most important part in stone grinding mill is bearing. It is regarded as heart of stone grinding mill. However, it is also the most possible to be damaged parts. First, as far as we knew, the stone grinding mill usually be used outside, so it’s easy to rust, and be affected. It’s necessary to clean rust at interval. Second, the bearing of stone grinding mill be worn worse, so we could cover grease to reduce friction force. Last is that the spare part of bearing is easy to loose. It need checking and fixing in time. These are ways to keep bearing working well. We hope it would help you.
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