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    How to turn on/off the stone grinding mill

    Author: admin       Date: 2013-04-01 11:39
    Usually, the order to turn on the stone grinding mill is: elevator, crusher, classifier, blower, main unit,vibrating feeder. The order to turn off is: vibrating feeder, main unit, blower, classifier.
    During turning on/off the stone grinding mill, there are something to pay attention.

    Preparation for turning on:
    Before turning on the stone grinding mill, people should check whether the access door is closed, and adjust the blower and main shaft. After turning on the main unit, material should be put in immediately, and turn large air valve. On the condition that the feeding inlet should not blow powder outside, the air release valve should be small. Then adjust the size of finished.

    Warnings on the stone grinding mill working:
    Stone grinding mill should be forbidden to add oil at will in order to protect safety. If any parts of stone grinding mill produce abnormal noise or load increase suddenly. The machine should be stopped to check in case that it cause accident. Going on operating the stone grinding mill, all the left material should be taken out, or it could affect operation. At last, turn off the crusher, then the elevator.
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