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    What are the advantages of Stone Grinding Mill?

    Author: admin       Date: 2018-08-30 15:43
    Shanghai CLIRIK Machinery Co., Ltd. superfine grinding machine is mainly used in building materials, mining and other fields for the grinding of hard materials. Due to the needs of production development, some natural materials can not meet the requirements, or when the crushed sandstone needs further grinding to obtain materials with smaller fineness, a Stone Grinding Mill is needed for processing, and the Stone Grinding Mill has low noise. Low vibration, high efficiency, convenient maintenance, clean and environmental protection.

    Stone Grinding Mill produced by Shanghai CLIRIK is based on the traditional Raymond mill 4R, 5R. Through the improvement, the fineness of the grinding of the Stone Grinding Mill is greatly improved, up to 3000 mesh. The following CLIRIK introduces you to the five major advantages of the Stone Grinding Mill.

    First: long service life Compared with other grinding mill machine. Clirik's Stone Grinding Mill adopts advanced grinding technology at home and abroad, and runs smoothly during the production process. At the same time, the impact angle design is modified in the crushing cavity. It can also reduce the friction between materials and wear parts, thus effectively extending the service life of the equipment

    Second: good environmental protection   The internal vortex chamber of the Stone Grinding Mill adopts a unique airflow self-circulation device, which reduces the amount of air discharged, which not only reduces dust pollution, but also improves the working efficiency of the Stone Grinding Mill mechanism powder.

    Third: the maintenance is simple   Traditional old-fashioned grinding mill machine only has a viewing door at the back, and our Stone Grinding Mill is designed to observe the door, in addition to the maintenance observation door on its side, also uses a hydraulic opening device, so More conducive to maintenance, observe the operation of the Stone Grinding Mill, etc

    Fourth: large processing capacity   After the optimized processing of the deep cavity rotor structure, the Stone Grinding Mill can increase the material throughput by more than 40%, greatly enhancing the production capacity of the Stone Grinding Mill; in addition, we have specially modified the discharge opening. The ability to adjust the discharge granularity in a wider range can better meet the needs of customers and the market, and make it more adaptable to the market.

    Fifth: The finished grain shape is excellent   in the grain shape after the grinding operation of the Stone Grinding Mill, the quality is firm, the needle-like content is small, the iron pollution is small, and it is deeply loved by the users, and the market sales are high. In addition, this equipment is very small due to the moisture content of the material, and can be applied to more forms of ore material fine crushing and sand making operations.
    stone grinding mill

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