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    Which Supplier Sell Limestone Grinding Mill of Power Plant?

    Author: admin       Date: 2016-07-04 10:11
    Which Supplier Sell Limestone Grinding Mill of Power Plan? It’s mainly 325 mesh limestone powder in Power Plant, which is used for desulphurization. We have a full range of Limestone  crushing, grinding production line.


    Take a look at our production case. Here is a factory in India, limestone desulfurization project of 300,000tons/ Year.
    They demanded daily production of 400-500 tons of limestone, which is relatively large-scale production line. Based on actual production needs, our company use our exclusive patented products- European version hammer mill and Limestone Ultrafine Grinding Mill. The design of entire production line is simple and reasonable, and the production is of low-carbon environmental protection, unmanned, modernization and automation of the production environment.

    Limestone Grinding Mill

    By reasonable configuration, we have been affirmed recognition by customers. "Do this for many years, and buy from a lot of equipment manufacturers, the best is Shanghai Clirik. Their Limestone Crusher and Grinding Mill can set crushing, drying, grinding, separator and conveying several functions into one, so that solve the headache of low yield, high energy consumption problem for us. We just like the strength of large enterprises, hope Clirik can use the manufacturing concept of the forefront to design more grinding mills which are in line with our customers' needs, for our benefit, but also for the benefit of the country! ” They said.

    More about Limestone Grinding Mill of Power Plant, please click on the online customer service for consultation.
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