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    High Quality Limestone grinding mill Plant

    Author: admin       Date: 2017-12-26 13:31
    Limestone is widely used in cement production for the construction of architecture around the world, which is also an important raw material of limestone gravel plants, aggregate plants.  Natural limestone is always big so that we must crush it into suitable size through limestone crushing process or grind them into sand or powder in limestone grinding process. CLIRIK Machinery can provide our clients with high level Limestone Grinding Mill and also 25% save for expenditure, which can highly meet your requirements.

    Limestone Crushing Process:
    Raw limestone materials are fed by vibrating feeder into the jaw crusher evenly and gradually for primary crushing. After that, the material will be transferred by belt conveyor to impact crusher for secondary crushing. Crushed limestone materials will then be transferred to vibrating screen. After screening, finally qualified size will be collected, while the rest will be back to the previous impact crusher for further crush until getting all required sizes.

    1. Technological process: Busted limestone ----- transported by the dump truck ----- Vibrating Feeder ----- Jaw Crusher (Primary Crusher) ----- Impact Crusher (Secondary Crusher) -----finished product as the customer required
    2. Max feeding size: 420mm, 500mm, 600mm
    3. Output Size: As the clients required (1-50mm)

    limestone grinding mill

    Grind the limestone to ultra fine mill process:

    Another processing line is necessary when it comes to making ultra fine limestone powder. After being crushed below 20mm (it is very needed to index), the limestone can be ground into powder by limestone grinding mill from CLIRIK Machinery. It always can be crushed into 325-3000 meshes by many different roller mills.

    Vibrating Feeder feeds limestone material into the grinding chamber evenly and gradually. After being ground and selected, the powder will enter into a cyclone by blower force. Then the material will be transferred to the storage room through pipes, and then will be discharged as the final products. The whole process works in a negative pressure environment. First, through pipes, the air from the blower enters the cyclone collector above the storage room along with powder, and then returns to the blower through the return pipe. By the way, air can be recycled. There is a powder locking equipment under the cyclone, which isolates the outside positive air pressure and the negative air pressure inside the cyclone. And this ensures high productivity. In addition, the residual air and dust under the main unit will be transferred to dust catcher equipment through pipes and be cleaned there. Clean air will be discharged so that environment will be protected.
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