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    Limestone grinding mill excessive feed hazards and solutions

    Author: admin       Date: 2018-01-11 08:55
    Any equipment used for a long time, will have such a failure. Limestone grinding mill is no exception.So, in addition to its own reasons, what factors will affect the normal production of limestone grinding mill, so that the production equipment failure occurs?

    1, milling environment. Under normal circumstances, the limestone grinding mill operating temperature, grinding powder into the impurities, the air contains excessive corrosive gases, etc., will lead to limestone grinding mill parts wear and tear, the passage of time produce production failure affects the normal Production.

    2, limestone grinding mill overload operation. No matter what equipment, long-term overload will have a great impact on the machine.In limestone milling, when the Raymond mill machine is in normal working condition, the degree of wear of the part is linear with the friction force, and the friction force is proportional to the work load.Therefore, limestone grinding mill parts wear and the size of the workload also A linear relationship. If the limestone grinding mill is operated for an extended period of time, it will increase the pressure on the parts and cause the parts to deteriorate during the fatigue operation.

     limestone grinding mill

    3, equipment maintenance and operation methods. Under normal circumstances, we use limestone grinding mill, pay attention to regular maintenance and repair of the equipment for the vulnerable parts, lubrication parts should be timely maintenance.If we ignore these details, we cannot find out the potential problems of the mill in time and cause the production failure.At the same time, if the staff improper operation of equipment, will also directly or indirectly affect the service life of Raymond mill.

    Therefore, in order to ensure smooth production of limestone grinding mill, we must do a good job in all aspects of maintenance work to extend the service life of equipment, to bring greater benefits for users.
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