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    30 tons per hour limestone grinding mill production line in India

    Author: admin       Date: 2021-01-15 17:33
    MTW series limestone grinding mill is the best limestone pulverizer mill machine for 200-33μm(80-425Mesh) limestone powder making.

    The MTW series limestone mill has stable performance, convenient operation, low energy consumption; adjustable and controllable finished product size, wide application of grinding materials; equipped with a special dust collector, low dust emission concentration.

    Project introduction 30 tons per hour limestone grinding mill production line in India

    limestone grinding mill

    30 tons per hour limestone grinding mill production line in India


    EPC limestone power plant desulfurization project

    Original material: 0-12mm limestone (CaO> 81.6%, humidity <0.1% h2o)
    Finished product size: 74 microns (200 mesh) D-90
    Equipment configuration: 3 sets of MTW138 Limestone Grinding Mill
    Finished product use: Desulfurization for power plants


    Combining the various needs of customers, we adopt a tower-like design, with a total height of about 25 meters, and adopt 3 parallel connections, with a total output of 30 tons per hour. The overall process flow is simple and the degree of automation is high; the entire system runs under negative pressure, and dust does not overflow to ensure cleanliness; at the same time, the chemical composition and particle gradation of the finished product are uniform, and the product fineness is adjustable, which can well fill the flue gas desulfurization plant. Suitable limestone powder needed to improve desulfurization efficiency.
    1. Strictly control all links and race against time
    We need to respect the stringent standards of our clients and companies, and actively cooperate with our clients. From the initial enquiry of clients, to factory visits, business negotiations, to factory inspection, installation and commissioning, we have been strictly abiding by the quality of our clients and our company. Standards, focusing on the combination of efficiency and quality, have successfully completed the customer's project cycle requirements; in order to cope with the rainy season, in addition to building rain-proof facilities, we also often work overtime, or even work at night, racing against time to complete the owner's schedule requirements.
    2. Optimization and upgrading of equipment system
    In order to ensure sufficient transmission capacity, we recalculated the required air volume and pressure of the system, increased the fan model; improved and optimized the design and layout of the pipeline, the efficiency of the dust removal system and the pressure system of the mill.
    3. Coordinate the use of local resources
    Combining the experience of large-scale foreign EPC engineering projects, we coordinated and used local and domestic experienced personnel to form equipment, power, steel, civil engineering and other teams; at the same time, we established a project management team to supervise and supervise the smooth progress of the entire project. Through the coordinated use of local resources, it has greatly promoted both parties and emotional exchanges.
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