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    Matters on stone grinding mill installation and maintainance

    Author: admin       Date: 2013-03-28 11:24
    Stone grinding mill is easy to install and operate, jet it still have many matters to be careful.
    First, when stone grinding mill is installing, it should be kept carefully, and the surface of stone grinding mill should be covered preservative oil and grease in order to avoid sunshine and rain. It’s necessary to build maintenance regime. The factory and fundament should have enough height and installation place. The basement of stone grinding mill should adopt reinforced cement.

    There are many matters to be paid attention using stone grinding mill.

    1.In order to make materials work well in stone grinding mill, equipment maintenance system of safety operation should be set up to protect stone grinding mill working well for a long time. At the same time, maintenance tools, grease and the related accessories are necessary.

    2.It need to renew grinding roller once the grinding roller equipment has been used over 500 hours. And all the rolling bearings in grinding roller should be clean or change the damaged in time.

    3.During using stone grinding mill, fixed personnel should be responsible for the supervision, the operator must have a certain technical level. Operators must take the necessary technical training and make them realize the principle and be familiar with the operation before stone grinding mill installing.
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